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15 Profit-Driven Marketing Ideas for your Crossfit Box


Have you reached your dream of growing your own Crossfit box? You’ve devoted time, energy, and money into building your Crossfit box, and now you need to find ways to expand your tribe. To help you build your membership base I’m going to give you 15 ideas to market your Crossfit Box, and you should be doing AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) of the ones that you can affordably and effectively pull off.

1. Free Merch- Offer free apparel when someone joins. Workout accessories, stickers, anything that will entice people to join. In turn, this is a fantastic local marketing tactic. People will see your members rocking your logo and apparel, which will not only build brand awareness but could potentially bring in new members.  

2. Host Events- Happy hours, community workouts, competitions. Hosting events brings together the community and will lead potential new members to your Crossfit Box. Partner with another local company to reach a larger audience. Maybe the juice bar down the street will bring their juice to replenish athletes after a workout.

3. Video- This is such a great way to attract members to your Crossfit box. Crossfit is very intimidating to get into. When people think of Crossfit they think of super-humans flipping tires around a parking lot. You can use video to portray that Crossfit is for everyone, and it’s not something to be wary of. Post videos of workouts, tours of your gym, or intros of your trainers. 

4. Lead Magnets- Crossfit is a lifestyle, and people who are actively keeping fit find premium fitness content super helpful to maintain that healthy life. Lead magnets are downloadable workouts, meal plans, grocery checklists, and nutrition guides leads can access in exchange for their contact information. The lead receives a valuable piece of content, and you receive the email address of someone who is interested in having you help them improve their fitness journey. Use lead magnets to bring in new customers through social ads, promote them on your website and to your existing prospect email list.

5. Get creative on social media- Posting on social media is an obvious way to market your business, but are your posts engaging? Try and switch it up if you notice your social media posts aren’t getting the engagement you’re hoping for. Here are some great ideas to pump up your posts.

  • Feature a member of the month
  • WOD (workout of the day)
  • Challenge campaigns (28 Days to a New You, etc.)
  • Instagram stories 
  • Nutrition Tips

6. Referral program- A great way to reward your current members while gaining new ones. Offer free merch, a free class, or a credit towards a month of membership when one of your members brings someone in who signs up. You can also do monthly classes where you have a member bring a friend for a partner workout. This gets new people in the door, and they’ll feel more comfortable since they’re getting fit with a friend. 

7. Scoreboards- Encourage competition by keeping a scoreboard or leaderboard of your members' progress so they feel encouraged to keep going and improve each month. Every CrossFit box holds a record of their members’ performance, so they feel a desire to better themselves, and one another. Workouts are measurable and scalable, so people can measure their progress and tweak it any way they want. This will really help retain members and bring in new members who are wanting to track their progress. Also, consider doing giveaways and competitions to bring in even more leads and business.

8. Promote your website- This should be a top priority. If you don’t have a website for your Crossfit gym, you’re losing a large pool of potential members. People like to do research and know what to expect rather than walk in blind and have little idea of what you offer. Your website should be easy to navigate and include strong call-to-actions like 1 week free or 14 day trial, etc.

9. Use email marketing- A great way to reach out to anyone on your email list who has more than likely already shown an interest in your Crossfit box. This is an extremely cheap way to market your business and can be easily personalized towards each individual. Send out promotions, offers, blogs, links to Crossfit information, and more. Use email to nurture leads and to keep your current members engaged.

10. Educate through blog posts- Speaking of blogs; these are vital for SEO purposes as well as informing members and leads about important Crossfit topics they might not know about. Share your expertise through posts on your blog.  These blogs can include videos of specific workouts, nutrition tips, or anything that makes your box unique. Then expand your reach by sharing posts on your social media channels. 

11. Increase local SEO- If you have a website, it’s likely optimized for the entire internet community. Since you have a local Crossfit box, you don’t need to optimize for people in other states or countries. So, make sure to increase your local SEO by optimizing your city name, address, etc. Some small, easy tweaks can make a big difference. Make sure to claim and update your Google business listing which is tied to local search results as well.

12. Beginner class- It can be intimidating to walk into a Crossfit box for the first time. Offering a beginner class to people is a great way to get new members in the door. They might fall in love with it and realize it’s not as intimidating as it seems. 

13. Open House- Offer open houses once a month so people can come in and see others working out and get a feel for what your Crossfit box is like. Ease them into your world of intense fitness and show them that anyone and everyone can do Crossfit and all are welcome.

14. Workout outside- Crossfit is known for lifting weights, working out outside, jogging with sandbags on your back, and flipping 400-pound tires around. This isn’t just for the benefit of a workout. It’s beneficial because people driving by or in the building next door will see you working hard and having fun in a group and will consider stopping by.

15. Social media ads- These are beneficial when you’re trying to promote your Crossfit box and the special offers you have. You can customize your audience to your local geographical region and only target people near you. You can also target people who show an interest in health, fitness, Crossfit, etc. Run promotions such as your first class free, giveaways, or a free month of membership and start gaining leads. Haven’t done social ads before, we have a Facebook ad guide to help you get started. 

Now you have 15 Crossfit marketing ideas that you can tailor to your Crossfit box. You know how to do it and generating leads should be a top priority. Having a constant influx of members and leads is what will cause you to excel in your fitness business and put you at the top of your league. 

Put your ATG (a$$ to the grass) and don’t stop until your marketing efforts are rewarded. If you do all of this YBF (you’ll be fine)! 

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