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Facebook Ad Best Practices For Fitness Studio Owners


Facebook advertising can be intimidating and confusing. We get it. We’ve all been there, and we’re here to walk you through the steps to master Facebook ads and feel confident in marketing your fitness gym or studio. Follow these Facebook ad best practices to achieve the best results from your marketing promotions. These tips will take you from beginner to the best in the biz. 

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Why Facebook Ads Work So Well in the Fitness Space

Facebook puts the power of advertising right in your hands so you can get ultra-targeted with your ads, allowing you to reach specific types of people you know will likely sign up for a membership at your studio. Facebook ads also allow you to expand your reach - beyond your current members and followers. Organic posts on social media do not work as well for reach as they used to. Here’s a shocker... less than 2% of your total audience will see your content when you post organically on Facebook. Facebook ads boost your reach and allow your content to be seen by more potential members.  

Facebook Ad Best Practices


1. Set Goals and Develop a Campaign Strategy. 

What do you want to accomplish with your Facebook ads? Having a goal in mind for your campaigns helps you to better decide the steps you want to take when laying out a campaign strategy. Goals include building awareness, demand generation for your services, lead generation, sales or customer retention. If you are just beginning, you want to start by raising awareness, then create a demand for your business, generate leads with your buyer persona in mind, and close sales. Once the sale is closed, you’re not home free yet. You’ve got to continue to entice your customers by engaging with them even after the purchase. So, do you have your goal in mind? If so, follow along below and develop your campaign strategy.

  • Awareness Campaigns - Get your studio in front of new prospects
    • Page Promotion or Like Ads
    • Promoting your website
    • Promoting a blog post
  • Demand Generation Campaigns - Get prospects excited about your services
    • Testimonials
    • Promoting specific services or classes
  • Lead Generation Campaigns - Collect lead information so you can follow-up
    • Content Offer Lead Magnets
    • Promotional Offer Lead Magnets
  • Sales Campaigns - seal the deal with one of these ads
    • Promotional Offer Lead Magnets
    • Class Sign Up
  • Customer Retention Campaigns - Keep your customers coming back for more
    • Content Offer Lead Magnets
    • Events 
    • New services or classes

2. Be Strategic About Where You Send Your Traffic.

Proceed with caution; your leads will take a detour if you don’t send them to the right place. There are a couple of different options on where to send leads. Each one of them has a purpose based on your goal and campaign strategy. 

Your Website - Your website has the most comprehensive information about your business, who you are and what you offer. This is a great place to start with audiences who don’t know very much about you.   

A Lead Magnet - a Lead Magnet is a landing page promoting a single offer with a form that captures lead info. Your lead magnet page will have 1 goal without additional links or ways to jump around or off the page. The page is designed to convert those visitors into leads.  

Your FB Page - Building an engaged following on Facebook is a great way to build trust and awareness with new prospects and keep current customers connected to you.  

FB Lead Form - Similar to a landing page this is used to gather a lead’s information. The FB Lead Form remains on Facebook and allows you to collect information seamlessly from new leads.  

Your Blog - Your blog allows you to share information related to your studio and how you help your customers. It is an opportunity to build trust with new prospects and showcase your unique business.   

3. Identify & Define Your Target Market. 

Don’t waste your advertising money marketing to the wrong people! Identifying your ideal member and creating a buyer persona for them is vital when planning your campaign strategy. Otherwise, you’ll be targeting anyone and everyone, and you’ll end up missing the mark with your potential leads. Your buyer persona will help you create a custom audience based on their demographics, interests, location and etc. In additional to Persona Audiences, you can target people who have visited your website or your current members.

4. Maximize Your Budget. 

Facebook charges for the action you’re associating with your ad. An action being cost-per-click, cost-per-action, cost-per-like, etc. The cost structure and delivery options depend on what objective you chose for your campaign. Facebook will recommend a delivery option for you, and that tends to deliver the best result. Also, make sure to consider whether your budget is Lifetime or Daily. A lifetime budget runs for a particular amount of time and then stops. A daily budget allows you to set a cap per day. 

Now that you have set your goal, decided on your campaign objective, created your audience and set your budget - it is time to create the ad!

5. Design Your Facebook Ads to Convert

Your Facebook ad has two components - the text and the creative (image or video).  Both will impact the overall effectiveness of your ad campaign.  

Best Practices for Ad Creative

You want to be sure to use an image or video that will stand out and represent your brand. The creative is the first thing that a Facebook user will notice about your ad. It needs to grab their attention! Keep these tips in mind when choosing your creative:

  • Creative should appeal to your target audience
  • Facebook only allows images with 20% or less text. Use any text on an image wisely!
  • If you are using multiple placements, make sure the image works across them all.  Facebook Stories, for example, are typically vertical and may require some adjustments to your creative.  
  • Tools to create images (Canva)

Best Practices for Ad Copy

Once you have their attention, your ad copy needs to motivate your audience to take action! Keep your copy simple and concise. Make sure it is clear what you would like them to do. Also, consider the audience you are targeting and use language that will appeal to them.  

Use the following tips to take your copy to the next level:

  • Include the most important info at the beginning - the offer or top benefit
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Be clear and concise about your offer

If you follow these best practices, you will have a much better idea of how to get the best results from your Facebook Ads. But, there's still the matter of what you’re going to offer your audience in exchange for them becoming a lead for your gym or studio. Attracting your ideal members can be difficult, and that’s why Windforce FIT did the heavy lifting for you. We have proven lead magnets that play to each member motivation. These lead magnets offer a valuable piece of content to the leads while providing you with their information so you can close the sale. 

Now that you have the map to navigate through creating a successful Facebook Ad Campaign, you’ll be able to use Facebook to bulk up your fitness business pipeline and see significant results. But remember to be patient, just like working out, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Facebook Ad Guide

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