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How to Apply Your Gym’s Buyer Personas For More Leads & Sales


Fierce competition in the fitness industry means differentiation is the key to success for small gyms and fitness studios. One way to set your brand apart is to apply buyer personas to your marketing strategy.

If you’ve done the research to determine your gym’s buyer personas, you’ve got a good idea who you want to attract, and what might motivate them to engage with your brand.

Now it’s time to apply what you know about your personas to your gym’s marketing strategy to attract higher quality leads, sign more ideal members, and foster brand loyalty for improved retention.

Gym Marketing Strategy

Here’s how:

Use Personas to Generate New Leads With Content Offers

Use the details you’ve identified about your ideal member and their health and fitness challenges to create content offers. You can easily convert more social media followers and website visitors into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by offering them an ebook or quiz that helps solve their problems.

Marketing content offers designed to attract and convert new leads for your gym don’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as creating a PDF—such as a checklist or a workout plan—then offering it to visitors via a landing page on your website. Visitors become leads when they fill out the form and submit their details in exchange for the offer.

The trick to converting website visitors into leads with offers is to make the exchange of information on your landing page equitable. The form on your landing page collects valuable information from your visitor, and the offer on the other side of that form must have enough perceived value to justify the amount of information you’re asking them to hand over.

For example, a simple clean-eating grocery item checklist might be worthy of an email address and first name, but you’ll probably have a hard time getting a last name, and phone number too. The more valuable your offer, the more information a visitor will give you.

Personalize your offers to address specific problems for your ideal members, and new leads will be easy to collect.

Change Ad Copy for Each Persona

If you’re running ads on Facebook or Instagram to drive traffic to a landing page on your website, customize your ads for each persona so they can clearly see the offer is designed for them.

Customizing the journey for your persona might include changing the ad copy, imagery, and even the landing page destination URL to include a custom page for each type of persona. Age, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic considerations all play into how well your advertising aligns with your desired audience, and how likely they’ll be to respond positively.

Personalize Your Customer’s Email Experience

You have the technology—now let’s use what you know about your personas and put the power of email marketing to use and create a personalized experience for your readers.

How to add personalization to your emails:


Segmenting your email list helps you target specific groups with the most relevant information and offers. Segmentation in your email list will improve open rates, click-through-rates, and ultimately prevent members of your list from unsubscribing because they got hit with too many emails that didn’t matter to them.

Make it Personal With a First Name

Use personalization tokens to add a warm first name greeting to your emails. Even that small bit of personal touch can have a powerful impact on the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Customize Emails With Automated Workflows

Marketing automation software allows you to set up automated email workflows that trigger emails to send automatically to contacts in your database depending on certain details about them and how they interact with your brand. Workflows provide a more customized experience for leads and members and frees you up to focus more on managing the other important aspects of your business.

You don’t have to know everything about your personas right out of the gate. Nobody does. But using the information you do have can help you provide a more personalized brand experience, which will improve your bottom line and provide you with even more data you can use for your marketing.

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