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How to Attract Fitness Studio Leads Using Facebook's Life Events


Life happens. And when it does, Facebook users often post the details of their life event on their timeline. Gyms and fitness studios can leverage this information to attract more and better leads using the life events category in Facebook’s ad targeting options.

Why Fitness Studios Should Use Facebook Life Events

Facebook's life events category gives you a way to put your fitness brand in front of your ideal members at a time in their lives when they are most likely to be in need of your services. Targeting with this category lets you better identify potential leads and customize your ads accordingly.

For example, someone starting a job in a new town may be looking to join a gym in the area. By selecting the ‘New Job’ life event when you build your audience segment, you can send more relevant ads directly to these users.

These categories also give you a framework in which you can create ads geared specifically toward different users. This helps you avoid waste and deliver messages that really click.


Facebook Life Events Targeting Options for Gyms

Targeting people based on their life events narrows your target audience significantly, especially when combined with any other attributes you may apply to the picture of your perfect customer.

While this limits your audience, it also helps you focus on the categories that matter to your fitness studio.

Here are some life events that may prompt someone to find a new place to exercise:

Recently Moved / New Job

Relocating to a new city or state is a big change that might mean finding a new gym. Newcomers to a community often join not only to improve their health and fitness, but also to meet new friends and establish a community.

If the person moved for a new job, they are likely to stay in the area for at least a few months or more. This gives you an opportunity to bring in long-term members.

Try targeting this audience by promoting lead magnets for a free workout, or a fitness guide to generate leads.

Away from Family / Away from Hometown

Although this audience may not include as many potential long-term members, there's still great potential for your fitness studio. Business travelers, college kids away from home, and friends going on vacation together often need a short-term gym to keep them in shape.

Don't overlook the potential here. Making a great impression on short-term members can inspire them to share their experience with their network, and even post a positive review on your profile.

Newly Engaged

People about to tie the knot sometimes want to drop a few pounds to look good for their special day. Men want to look sharp in their suit, and women want to trim down to stand out in their dress.

This is your chance to advertise group classes, dance lessons, and other options to fit their fitness goals.

Try creating a Facebook lead ad offering a weight loss plan or strength training guide. If you offer value, and they have a positive experience, chances are they'll stay members long after the wedding.

Long Distance Relationship

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. It also makes people want to look good when they do meet up with their significant other. Design an ad that captures this sentiment, and you might earn new members.

Upcoming Birthday

Birthdays are an opportunity to reflect on one's successes, shortcomings, and goals. Work and personal obligations make it harder to stay in shape as we get older, and a targeted birthday ad may be just the thing to convince a soon-to-be-30, 40, or 60-year-old to re-commit to their physical health.

Think about what tends to motivate your ideal members, and create a lead magnet that appeals to their fitness goals. Regardless of the age, everyone wants to feel good—upcoming birthdays just put that front and center.

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