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Ideas for Promoting Your Gym With Instagram Stories and Highlights


If you have fallen in love with Instagram Stories as a way to attract new members and promote your gym, chances are you‘re more than slightly pumped on Instagram Highlights.

If not, you should be.

While Stories were (and still are) an incredibly effective way for connecting with your audience and increasing brand awareness, they were lacking in a certain, shall we way, evergreen quality.

It’s hard to justify prioritizing creating a social media post over essential day-to-day business operations when you know it’s just going to disappear in 24 hours, taking all your gym’s promotional content with it.

But watch out:

Now you’ve got Instagram Highlights, so your social media marketing game just got a lot more powerful.

instagram stories

Here’s what you need to know.

The What and How of IG Highlights

The Insta-powers that be debuted Highlights in December 2017, which solved one big problem for busy gym owners who don’t have time to create a ton of social content.

Now your stories don’t disappear.


One IG Highlight features includes automatically sending your disappearing Stories to an Archive. Archived stories can then be posted again, or curated with other stories to create groups of Stories—or Highlights—that live on your profile page as a small circle above your photos.

So what?

How does this help your studio capture more leads and members?

Highlights removes barriers for businesses using Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Now you can pin important information about your gym or its classes to make it more visible, kind of like Equinox’s Insta is doing here with their Highlights reel.

And if you have a business account with at least 10,000 followers, you can add a link to your Instagram Story.

You heard right—now you get more than just your bio link in your Instagram profile.

And if you don’t have 10,000 followers yet, don’t sweat it. Keep using Instagram best practices when you create new Stories. You’ll be racking up the links in no time.

3 Highlight Insta-Ideas Perfect for Fitness Brands

Here are a few ways fitness brands are using Instagram Highlights to attract new leads and inspire current members:

Create a Catalog of Workout Videos

Help your members stay pumped at home or on the road with quick videos they can access on your profile. Create a short video of an exercise or workout, post part of it as an Instagram Story with a link to the full video on your website, and when you’ve got a few exercise videos in your Archive, create a new Highlight that groups them together on your profile and drive more traffic to your site.

Drive More Traffic to Lead Generation Offers On Your Site

Fitness industry specific content offers designed to attract and convert leads should play an important role in your gym’s overall marketing and website strategy. But as a small fish in a very big fitness industry pond, it can be hard to identify the affordable ways to get those offers in front of potential members.

IG Stories offer are a way to curate offers from your website and link to their landing pages from a Highlight collection on your profile, with little or no cost other than your time.

Bonus benefit:

Content marketing has the power to improve your SEO efforts, which can bring more traffic to your site, and more members in the door.

Offer Potential Members a Virtual Tour Behind the Scenes

Invite followers to take a gander around your beautiful studio or weight room from the comfort of their couch. Show them the goods and let them get a feel for what it might feel like to be a part of your gym.

Some ideas for showing off your fitness facility:

  • Highlight trainers and their specialties

  • Demo machines and their functions

  • Showcase classes and show them in action

  • Invite members to share positive experiences on camera

  • Upload a virtual walking tour of the whole building

  • Show the parking lot half-full to promote accessibility

Highlight Success Stories to Sell More Personal Training

Almost every person who ever had a fitness goal has felt the heavy heart that comes with a setback or plateau and wondered if they might as well just quit because they must be fundamentally broken in some way.

Help your clients bust through fitness frustrations and stay motivated by regularly posting stories of personal training success. Then retrieve them from your Archive and organize them into a Highlight category. Seeing other fellow strugglers win their battles will bolster members to keep pushing and make your personal training program look a worthy investment at the same time.

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