5 Steps to Make Your Fitness Business a Magnet for Success


Not sure how to attract the right members to your gym or fitness studio? No need to search the North and South pole because we have your answer: lead magnets. A lead magnet is best defined as premium content or a promotion that you are offering a potential lead in exchange for their email address. We’re about to lay it all out on the periodic table for you.

Here’s why it works… potential members are getting a valuable piece of material from you, and you’re getting a lead that you can close with persistent email campaigns. Sounds simple enough, but for things to go smoothly, there are a couple of critical elements to close a lead from start to finish.

Understanding who you’re trying to attract enables you to produce lead magnets that draw customers to you. Now you’re being pulled in the right direction! A primary reason why offering pieces of premium content to potential new members is so important is that you are building a foundation of trust with them. Not only that, but you are also attracting stronger leads with targeted content.

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Use these steps to get the most out of your lead magnets:

1. Identify your ideal members.

If your sales pipeline is going South, you’re most likely targeting the wrong people. You’ll get a disappointing response rate offering content to people who aren’t your ideal members. You must identify who your potential members are and what category they fall into. There are three main categories: Weight Loss, Strength, Health and Wellness. Keep in mind that you are trying to help the leads solve a problem, so ask yourself what their motivation is. Once you target your ideal members, your leads will multiply!

2. Choose the right content to attract them (guides, workouts, meal plans, etc.)

You want to pique your potential buyer's interest with a piece of material they want to download. The key is to know what your ideal member's goals are. Step one has you identify which category your fitting member falls under, and now you must decide what offer will result in the most leads. When you’re using premium content offers as lead magnets you can offer them a guide they’d be interested in downloading such as step by step instructions on how to lose weight or eat healthier. You can find more information on types of premium content here.

3. Promote content via social, email, website.

Promoting your content is pertinent to reach potential new leads. If they don’t see the offer, you won’t see any results. That’s a waste of your time, so you need to promote your content EVERYWHERE!

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4. Follow up with leads.

Yes, your email list is growing! You got the leads, but now comes the part where many people fall apart. FOLLOW UP! You’ve got their information and email address, so it’s time to send out a frenzy of follow-ups. Okay, maybe not a frenzy but you should be sending thank you’s and the premium content available for download at the bottom of the emails for their convenience. Remember, a follow-up email should be sent ASAP while it’s still fresh in the new lead's mind.

5. Close the deal.

The hard work is mostly done. All that’s left is to land that lead! Send out your email blasts and keep sending them until they decide to take the deal. The key is to be persistent and consistent with email follow-ups and premium content offers!

Make your fitness business a force of nature and attract the right members using these steps to choose and use lead magnets. You’ve been given the information you need to succeed. Lead magnets are helpful in not only attracting more people but in attracting the right people. These leads will have taken the initiative and downloaded your premium content offer which means they are interested in taking the next step towards whatever their goals may be.

Help them solve their core problems with your lead magnet, and in turn, your gym will be at the forefront of their mind when they decide to take the plunge and become a member. Now you can stick it to your competition like a magnet sticks to your fridge!

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