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Memorable Content Marketing For Your Members


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

Content marketing is important because it enables the company to improve brand reputation, create a foundation of trust with leads and customers, and build upon that trust. HubSpot reports that inbound marketers can double the average site conversion rate (from 6 to 12%), in part due to their content marketing efforts. Are you feeling sold on content marketing yet? This is just the beginning of how content marketing can help your business soar to new heights. 

A major plus to content marketing is the improvement of SEO, which leads to more people viewing your content and positioning you as a thought leader. Show off your brand expertise by writing your knowledge down and sharing it with the public. When you start to produce great content, you’ll begin to pull ahead of your competition. 

1. Create a blog 

Blog posts can help boost SEO. Local companies need to focus on writing blogs for local topics that relate to fitness because it’s vital to get your brand out to people in your area. An example of a blog post that is Fitness and local, for example, would be “Best Hikes Near Newark” or “The Best Places to Buy Cheap Supplements in Virginia.” Create a blog that’s based on your location so when people search, they'll see you’re nearby.

2. Website testimonials

Testimonials are perfect for fitness websites! Before and after success stories and testimonials provide direct evidence that you can help members get results. They’re a step above reviews as they provide feedback with evidence of the results. A lot of people have to see it to believe it, so show them the proof!

3. Video Content on your blog

Teach your members or prospects how to use a new piece of fitness equipment or show a preview of a class to give members more confidence to try new things. It will encourage people who feel uncomfortable in the gym to sign up and try out the equipment. Also, include some written content to help explain the video. This helps search engines to better understand what the post is about.

4. Create a hashtag

Create a hashtag for your gym that members can use when they post on social media. You can use the user-generated content to highlight members and give your followers a look into the vibe of your gym.

5. Email marketing 

Keep your members and prospects engaged through email marketing campaigns that feature your blog posts, videos, user-generated, and premium content. Emails have high conversion rates, and it’s an affordable way to engage with and nurture leads.

6. Premium Content 

You have to give to receive. To help capture email addresses and lead information, you should offer premium content such as guides, workouts, or recipes that your members and prospects will see as valuable. You want to attract the right people with your content, so make sure the content is of interest to your target market.

7. Guest blog with a local brand 

Look at other businesses in your city and choose one that makes sense to your target market. Maybe select a juice bar or bike store that has blogs on their website and offer to do a collaborative blog post. For example, a post-workout to build up muscle for cycling or which juices are best for before and after a workout. You’ll be reaching a new audience that has interests similar to your target market.

Pro Tips:

  • Know your target audience 
    • Knowing your audience is the first step to creating valuable content. If you are not creating content for your ideal customer, you’ll attract the wrong leads! 
  • Be consistent
    • Only commit to what you can truly execute. A blog with one post every few months is not helpful to your business or your members. 

You know your industry, you know the ropes, so use your knowledge and inform others. The results will help them, and it’ll benefit you as well. Content is King, so if you want to rule the industry and your destiny, then start implementing these tips today.

Great content will not only set you apart, but will set you up for digital marketing success.

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