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WindForce Fit

Generate Leads From Facebook Ads Like a Fitness Marketing Pro

Get a step ahead of your competition by using the power of Facebook ads to bring in more leads to your studio. Use the power of Facebook targeting to bring in the right customers.

In this Webinar, you will learn ...

  • Why Facebook Ads work in the fitness space
  • Common Facebook Ad mistakes
  • 5 steps to Facebook Ad success
  • Pro tips for taking your ads to the next level

Watch the Webinar

Webinar Presenter

481720_10151463908098546_373788918_nTake an in-depth look at Facebook ads with WindForce Owner Josh Unfried. Josh has 20 years experience in the marketing and tech sectors, fueled by his passion to help brands create healthier lives and communities using the power of social media, beautifully crafted content, and the science of SEO, automation, and inbound marketing


About WindForce FIT

Our team at WindForce FIT has cracked the code on lead generation for the fitness industry. WindForce FIT is a culmination of 10 years of marketing big fitness brands and understanding what brings in more (and better) digital leads. As a WindForce FIT user, you will be given access to beautifully crafted branded content and promotions created by our team of fitness marketing professionals. You'll use these new assets and start promoting them through social media, social ad campaigns, your website, and email to begin seeing leads come in. We provide access to the assets and best practices on how to use  - all you have to do is promote them!