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WindForce Fit

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WindForce FIT features beautiful branded digital marketing content and landing page assets, contacts database, lead and appointment tracking in one convenient solution to:

  • Engage Your Ideal Members

  • Launch Branded Member Magnets

  • Attract Better Leads 

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Laptop-3WindForce FIT is a fast and efficient engine that walks studio owners and operators step by step through identifying their ideal customer, automatically creating branded content and promotional marketing assets proven to engage and convert each type of buyer, providing the essential tools to launch successful digital campaigns.

WindForce FIT is the brainchild of Josh Unfried, CEO of WindFarm Marketing. For over eight years, Josh and his team have been powering brands people love with a long list of happy clients in the health and fitness industry. Having ‘cracked the code’ for growing gym membership sales with digital marketing, the team at WindFarm wanted to bottle their expertise and make it accessible to all gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, and studios nationwide… And WindForce FIT was born.

Powerful software driven by proven marketing tactics at a price everyone can afford.