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Promoting Your Lead Magnets

Generating leads with your new WindForce FIT assets

4 Proven Ways to Attract New Leads

The secret to attracting better leads (and more of them) with your brand new WindForce FIT assets is simple: Get your Lead Magnets in front of your target audience anywhere your studio has a digital presence. 

The best results will come from linking to your Lead Magnets from your website, promoting them via targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, sending them to your prospect email database, and sharing them from your social media channels.

You can do 1 or all 4 of these things to improve your leads (the more the better). If you’re just getting started, pick 1 or 2 digital channels where you can access the largest audience and start there.

You've got this! And, we're here to help if you get stuck.


1. Your Website

Your website is your home base online.  This is where many prospects will go first to learn about your studio.  Here's a few easy ways to begin promoting your new WindForce FIT Lead Magnets from your website to convert more traffic into quality leads and members.

Link to your content offer on your website:

  • By offering something of value in the form of content you can collect contact info to help grow your email database, allowing you to follow up with leads that aren’t quite ready to join. You'll capture leads, even if they aren't quite ready to join yet and can continue engaging them until they are!

Link to your promotional offers on your website:

  • By offering a special "join" offer to prospects who are ready to try you out or join you provide a sense of urgency & motivate them to take that next step. These leads need to be contacted immediately to schedule a time to visit.

Where to promote on your website



Including Lead Magnets on your homepage is extremely important, this is one of the first places leads will go research your brand. Make sure the call to action is prominent, clear and concise.



Installing pop-ups on your website is a great way to turn web visitors into leads. Pop-ups can link to your content or promotion offers, and are proven to convert and have a high ROI. Pop up technology has improved too, as they have become less intrusive.



By linking to your Lead Magnets in the body of your blog posts, your content becomes more valuable and will help convert blog readers into leads. Write blogs that relate to your Lead Magnets and include the relevant links as a call-to-action button.


2. Your Email List

Email your Content or Offer Lead Magnet links to your prospect email list and/or to current members for them to share with friends. Sending Lead Magnets to your email lists will reach an audience of prospects that is more aware of your business. You've already built a level of trust with with them - which means they will be more likely to convert on your offers & join. 

Who to send your Lead Magnets to:

    • Re-engage prospects that may have gone cold with a Content lead Magnet. Also, sending them a Promotion Lead Magnet will help surface those who are ready to join.
    • Members should receive Content Lead Magnets to continue to inspire, motivate, engage, and encourage them to come work out. This will help increase retention.

Don’t have an email list? Jump to paid advertising.

How to promote to your email List 



Collect the emails that you have in your database. All emails that you have including members, prospects, partners, and any other that you may have.



This is very important. Segment or split your email list into categories: members, prospects, fitness goal (buyer motivation), and those interested in specific types of training or classes. You’ll want to send different emails to each group to improve engagement, so it’s important to segment.


Keep your subject lines interesting, don't be generic! Ask a question, share a fact, offer a free guide, or special promotion - anything to get the recipients to open your email. 



3. Social Media

Share your Lead Magnet links and stay active in all of your social channels. If you don’t already have at least a Facebook Page and an Instagram Account, we highly recommend you get those set up for your business right away. Similar to your email list, this is an audience that is connected to you and you have started to build trust with them.   

Sharing your Content Lead Magnets:

  • This is a great way to grow your prospect lead database! By offering valuable content in exchange for contact info, you'll turn social media followers into known prospects to add into your email list. Content offers typically convert at a higher rate. Pro tip: ask your members to share the content on their profiles. 

Sharing your Promotion Lead Magnets:

  • This is a great way to attract new members from those social followers who are low-hanging fruit.  Some are ready to join today, but they just need the right push!

How to promote in social media



This is your chance to excite potential members with your Lead Magnets. You have beautifully crafted content and special offers, so don't use generic language when promoting the Lead Magnets (Ex: "FREE GUIDE" or "SPECIAL OFFER Expires Friday"




Your social media posts will only live in your followers feed for a short time.  So you'll need to share links to your Lead Magnets each week!  Test the days and times that work best for your ideal members. 



Images help your post stand out! And can help you Lead Magnets get more visibility. Make sure to choose an image that is relevant to the Lead Magnet you are posting and to the Buyer Motivation you are trying to attract.


4. Paid Advertising

Set up Facebook and Instagram ads that link to your branded content and promotion offers. Make sure to target your zip code and create audiences based on your member motivations. Never setup a Facebook ad? Start with boosting your post. Want help with Facebook ads? Contact us, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Generating leads from Paid Facebook and Instagram ads works extremely well, you just need to promote the right offers to the right audience. This allows you to expand your reach beyond those prospects that are already connected to you.  By targeting your ideal audience with digital advertising, you are putting your studio in front of new prospects that match your ideal members. You're also building and strengthing brand awareness.

Promoting your Content Lead Magnets with ads:

  • Content offers tend to have higher conversion rates and come at a cheaper cost per lead. These ads are another great way to build your email database with new prospects.

Promoting your Promotion Lead Magnets with ads:

  • Advertising promotion offers help put your studio in front of new prospects and motivates them to come in the door.   

Advertising using Lead Magnets



Use Facebook ads to promote both your content lead magnets and your promotional content. Target people in your area who are interested in the services your gym provides.




Reach a new audience with Instagram ads. Make sure your graphics are sized correctly and your audience is very focused. Promote both your content and promotional offers. 




Google search ads are perfect for capturing potential members searching for a studio near them by advertising your Promotion Lead Magnets. These are hot leads that cost more, but they convert well.

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